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Add all 12 episodes of Horsemanship For Womenpreviously aired on Dish Network to your video library!


Home Television Series Complete Set

4-Pack DVD Set ( 6 Hours Total, 30 minutes each Episode )

* Elements of Leadership

* The Bubble of Comfort

* Commonly Misunderstood Techniques

* De-Spooking Your Horse

* From the Rail to the Trail

* Trail Etiquette and Safety

* Finding the Ideal Horse

* Safe Saddling, Part 1

* Safe Saddling, Part 2

* Introduction to Ranch Roping:
- On the Ground
- In the Saddle
- Roping Cattle

$ 99 - 4 Pack DVD Set (Save $20)



Home Television Series

Episodes 1-3 (90 Minutes)

"Elements of Leadership"
"Bubble of Comfort"
"Commonly Misunderstood Techniques"


Clip from Episode 2: "The Bubble of Comfort" (2 min)

Episode 1: "Elements of Leadership"defines how herd dynamics can be used to develop greater understanding and connection with horses. (30 min)

Episode 2: "The Bubble of Comfort" gives greater awareness as to the value of comfort, creating even greater understanding and willingness to our requests. (30 min)

Episode 3: "Commonly Misunderstood Techniques" is a creative perspective on a handful of approaches that may have you feeling stuck with your horse. (30 min)

$ 30 Episodes 1-3



Home Television Series

Episodes 4-6 (90 Minutes)

"De-Spooking Your Horse"
"From the Rail to the Trail"
"Trail Etiquette & Trail Safety"


Clip from Episode 6: "Trail Etiquette and Safety" (2 min)

Episode 4: "De-Spooking Your Horse" offers a safe and effective method to desensitize horses to anything new, different, sudden or abrupt.(30 min)

Episode 5: "From the Rail to the Trail" demonstrates techniques to better prepare both the horse and rider for a more confident transition to trail riding. (30 min)

Episode 6: "Trail Etiquette and Safety" deals with common challenges faced trail riding with others and how to develop skills to ultimately trail ride with anyone under any conditions. (30 min)

$30 Episodes 4-6




Home Television Series

Episodes 7-9 (90 Minutes)

"Finding the Ideal Horse"
"Safe Saddling - Part 1"
"Safe Saddling - Part 2"


Clip from Episode 8: "Safe Saddling, Part 1" (2 min)

Episode 7: "Finding the Ideal Horse" offers an approach that prevents the tendency to fall for the less-than-ideal horse just because it's pretty! (30 min)

Episode 8: "Safe Saddling, Part 1" addresses a much-neglected subject with the kind of information that could prevent serious injury or worse. (30 min)

Episode 9: "Safe Saddling, Part 2" completes part one with a western saddle, with the same approach then applied to an english saddle. There's more to know about saddling than you might think! (30 min)

$ 30 Episodes 7-9



Home Television Series

Episodes 10-12 (90 Minutes)

"Introduction to Ranch Roping"
Part 1 - "On the Ground"
Part 2 - "In the Saddle"
Part 3 - "Roping Cattle"


Clip from Episode 10: "On the Ground" (2 min)

"Introduction to Ranch Roping" with guest clinician, Dan Moyer, is presented in three simple stages. Even without ever attending a ranch-roping competition or seeing the inside of a branding pen, the philosophy of developing a solid working horse will enhance the approach to any activity or interest.

Episode 10: "On the Ground" builds a foundation of skills.
(30 min)

Episode 11: "In the Saddle" takes the ground skills to the riding position and preparing the horse for their part. (30 min)

Episode 12: "Roping Cattle" demonstrates how the applied techniques provide the most efficient approach to cattle management with the least amount of stress to the animal. (30 min)

$ 30 Episodes 10-12




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